Our story goes on

Eric MORINIEREFor the past century the philanthropic and associative spirit of La Residence Sociale has been creating numerous forms of responses to the social issues of those in need. This sustainable dynamic allowed us to think in 1941 that the Briançon site could take part in social history and, write a new page of its own.

Nowadays, I am happy to pass on, as a managing director of this site, the values and projects we wish to develop in Maine et Loire center.

Ever since 1969, The Briançon Castle hosted a medical and educational facility for mentally disabled children. New security requirements and our desire to better adapt our care and support encouraged us to build a modern facility, on the castle’s proprety. This new building joined our establishments on the North-East Angers suburbs.

In 2010 the association gave me the mission to give another life to the old castle and its wonderful park and develop a project preserving the access to the castle for disabled people but also giving the opportunity to each and every one to rejoice of its wonder.

Join us for a while : a night, a weekend or more and play a part in this wonderful story. Your stay at the castle is an indirect way to finance new project for the people we care for in our establishment.

This meeting place allows them social inclusion, contact with nature and animals but also culture, creativity. Acknowledging each one of these dimensions of the world is essential for each young person we welcome and care for.

Il 2011, the whole association engaged in the official launching of the project, an important event but also a landmark in our history: we celebrated 70 years of social action in the county. The grand pianist and virtuoso Marc Vella brought his magic piano for an open air concert involving friends of the association, with or without disabilities, for a moment to remember. 
Thus opening day of our project was a magic moment, enchanted by the sound of music. Other concerts followed and also exhibitions, visual arts bearing a new look ("Autre Regard" ) and opening this venue to new dimensions. Later, artists and artisans joined us as renovating work began and transformed the venue in a “cocoon” opened welcoming everyone and inviting each to take part in this wonderful new history.

As the story goes, we are now ready to welcome you in lovely hotel rooms, for business and personal events, themed weekends and many more.

Welcome to Briançon! Soyez les bienvenus!

Directeur du pôle La Résidence Sociale 49.

Château de Briançon

The Briançon Castle, town of Bauné, was built on the ruins of a 10th century fortress who accommodated Charles 9th and other historical characters. The castle used to be well known for its wealth and numerous works of art.
La Residence Sociale was created in 1908 by Marie Jeanne Bassot and acquired the castle in 1941. At first, it welcomed children coming from poor families in the Paris area. In 1969, it started welcoming mentally disabled children, but in 2013 we built a modern facility for the children, in accordance to the new safety rules.
Thus the castle and its surroundings started a new page of its history. 
Come to Briançon and be part of

  • A Solidary project
  • A “living together” experience in spite of differences
  • An associative project
  • The development of actions for people in need
  • A project to meet new, different people
  • A discovery of arts and crafts
  • An initiative adding value to original creations

Bring your passion, hope and enthusiasm to the castle! 

Château de Briançon : be part of our history !

Using our services ( renting rooms, halls, organising events) contributes to the development of the wonderful project our association is developing in the Maine et Loire county.